VISTA – Door safety gate

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Without drilling * Width from 60cm to 120 cm * Height 90cm * Including mounting set * Robust Metal Mesh * Extra wide Passage * Triple Locking * 90° Stop Function * Auto-Close Function * Always opens in walking direction

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Door safety gate VISTA Height 90cm, Widths between 60 to 120cm

Including material for fixing the gate to doors, optionally with clamps or by drilling.

Innovative design and aesthetics go together with well thought-through dimensions and practical functions.

VISTA was created by long-term experience and many customers’ request from all over Europe. With this door safety gate we combined many innovative functions that make a contemporary safety gate, provided with well thought-through dimensions without ever losing sight of design and aesthetics. The VISTA gate melts into your living ambience like no other.

Innovative: the metal mesh

Thanks to a strong and robust metal mesh you can still see the areas beyond the gate. The metal mesh is welded into the frame and withstands even strongest impacts. But you can look through it even from a short distance. The metal mesh compared to metal bars, does not only add to the aethetics of your living area but also prevents your child from climbing up the metal bars. With VISTA we offer perfect safety for you children and pets that melts completely into the look & feel of your living areas instead of being irritated by ugly metal bars.

Well thought-through: 90cm high

While the usual gates have a standard height of up to approx. 75 cm and extra high ones up to 105 cm or even more, we go for an optimal height of 90 centimetres. This makes our VISTA high enough so that even older siblings are prevented from investigating dangerous areas on their own or even open the door gate for their younger siblings.

Practical: extra wide passages

The standard door- and staircase safety gates are usually not more than 35 to 40 cm wide. We go for wider passages and offer you the maximally possible door width. Even our smallest gate has a remarkable width of 44 cm, the larger ones even allow for a pram to go through. The relevant widths are listed further below.

Security: No extensions

The standard safety gates are usually not wider than 80 – 90 cm and extensions must be bought in addition. In most cases these are simply plugged into the door – or staircase safety gate and not secured any further. We manufacture our gates precisely to size so that you can choose the correct size and need not bother with extensions.

Clamping or drilling

Our VISTA is simply clamped into the door frame. As an option you can also attach the safety gate with the supplied screws and dowels within minutes.

Technology: state of the art

Triple locking: Press the button at the handle to unlock and pull it towards the back at the same time. The gate opens. There is another lock at the bottom that you can use as an option. The small lever can easily be turned towards the bottom (locks) or to the side (unlocks) and is fixed to either side of the gate. This way, you can block one running direction in principle.

90° stop-function: The gate engages once you have opened it at a 90 degree angle. Particularly handy, if you do not need the gate for a while. Instead of always having to open and close the stair guard, simply let it snap open in the desired direction and you can easily pass the stair guard.

Auto Close Function: The safety gate offers highest safety. You do not have to close it automatically. Simply pass through and it closes automatically and reliably completely on its own.

2-way function: Irrespective from which direction you are coming, the gate always opens in your walking direction. All functions, such as auto-close and 90 degree stop, also work in every direction, so you don’t have to worry too much about how you install the gate prior to assembly.


Various dimensions available:

Vista XS: 60 – 70cm – passage: 44cm
Vista S: 70 – 80cm – passage: 54cm
Vista L: 80 – 90cm – passage: 64cm
Vista XL: 90 – 100cm – passage: 74cm
Vista XXL: 100 – 110cm – passage: 74cm
Vista MAX: 110 – 120cm – passage: 74cm

Delivery extent:

1x VISTA door safety gate in the selected size
4x Y-adapter for fixing to banisters
1x additional fastening material for door frames
1x assembly instructions