The VISTA door safety gate prevents children or pets to access unwanted areas. With its 90 cm in height it can be safely fitted into door frames from 60 cm to 120 cm in width. No need for extension modules as it is made to size.

Two points turn VISTA into a very special safety gate. Firstly, we selected a height of 90 cm as an ideal height to prevent older siblings from opening the door or larger dogs jumping over it. Nevertheless, it fits into the door even if it should be closed at any time. While other gates with a height of above 100 cm would have to be dismantled (…door handle!), VISTA can remain in place.

The second highlight is the steel wire net. The small-meshed grid will not allow even tiny babyfingers to penetrate the grid and remains almost transparent at the same time. It is the first gate of its kind that is transparent without having the look of unaesthetic bars. Nor is it possible for toddlers to pull themselves up at the gate or rattle against it. It is, of course, robust and firmly attached in the door frame.

VISTA has also been designed to be used outdoors. You can therefore enjoy a nice outdoor safety gate that is non-corrosive and weather-resistant. Pefectly suitable to be used e.g. for sheds, garage doors or side entrances to the house.

Staircase safety gate

VISTA staircase safety gate for stairs and banisters
Stairs & banisters: ideal safety with VISTA staircase safety gate

A secured staircase prevents a baby or toddler to fall downstairs. Especially the “high risk area” of a staircase requires a staircase safety gate to be functional and of a good quality.

VISTA fulfills all these requirements. As we do not use bars which might help a child to pull itself up and in a worst case climb over the gate, this removes the danger completely. Another important advantage is the height of 90 centimetres. While an older sibling cannot be prevented from climbing over a gate usually approx. 75 cm high, no toddler will be able to climb over a VISTA safety gate that is 90 cm high.

There are Y-adapters available for banisters. You use these directly at the door safety gate and fix it to round banisters.

Dog & cat securing gates

VISTA securing gates dogs cats pets
Pets: vulnerable areas are thus perfectly protected

This perfect door safety gate for dogs and cats stands out for the fact that neither dog nor cat can squeeze themselves between the bars or jump over the gate. The task of a perfect dog or cat securing gate is to protect certain areas in the house or flat.

Our VISTA metal mesh prevents even very small pets to slip through the gate. The extreme height of 90 cm will also prevent larger animals from strolling around areas without being supervised. And while our four-legged friends can chew or tear the bars of conventional safety gates, our VISTA design does not offer any such surfaces. In addition, the robust metal mesh is non-poisonous and does not have any sharp edges.

Door safety gate for outdoors

Door safety gate VISTA for outdoors
Outdoor: Perfectly suitable for outdoor areas

Secure your outdoor areas with a VISTA door safety gate. VISTA is weather-resistant and non-corrosive. Leave the balcony- or terrace door open in summer without worries, VISTA will protect your child.

If you do not want your baby or toddler to play in the garden unsupervised, the extra-high VISTA door safety gate is the perfect solution. It cannot only be used to restrict areas indoors or outdoors but can also be used within the garden. You will not only protect children but also your pets. Separate off, for example, the access to the garage, the passage to the street next to your house or the tool shed.