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VISTA means view: Innovative design and aesthetics are combined with well thought-through dimensions and practical functions

VISTA was created through long-term experience and many customer requests from all over Europe. This safety gate combines many innovative functions that make a modern safety gate, equipped with well thought-through dimensions by never neglecting design and aesthetics.

VISTA does not require any extension modules due to its perfect height of 90 centimetres. It melts into the room design like no other.

Our VISTA has been designed such that it can be used in various different areas. Whether used as a classic door safety gate anywhere in the house, as secure staircase safety gate for the risk area around indoor stairs or used as an outdoor safety gate between house and garden.

VISTA “view”

VISTA is a door safety gate, banning bars from your home and placing emphasis on aesthetics. Why should a door safety gate not be a contemporary design accessory and be integrated into the ambience despite its functionality? VISTA stands for a perfect safe surrounding for your children and pets that melts into the ambience of your living area as compared to the irritating sight of ugly bars.

No extensions

With VISTA you do not need any extensions. While the standard safety gates need extra extensions from a certain width, we have designed our door safety gates such that you can select final dimensions. There are 6 models available in 10-centimetre steps, covering all door widths from 60 cm to 120 cm.

Height: 90cm

While the usual gates all turn around a height of 75 cm and most of the ‘large’ gates measure 105 cm, we offer an optimal height of 90 centimetres. This means that our VISTA is high enough to also prevent older siblings up to 4 years to investigate dangerous areas on their own or even open the door safety gate for the youngest ones. Despite its height, it does still fit into the door without having to be dismantled, should the door have to be closed. You can still operate the door handle at this optimal height of 90 cm, which is, however, no longer possible in case of a 105 cm-high gate. You will not be able to close the door.

Door safety gate design
Design & aesthetics and fully functional at the same time

Door safety gate VISTA safety
Triple locking: Press the button to unlock slide and pull towards the right at the same time. The gate opens. There is another lock at the bottom that you can use as an option. The small lever can easily be lifted (locks) or be turned to the side (unlocks).

Door safety gate VISTA 90-degree-stop function
90-degree-stop function: The gate engages, once it is opened at 90 degrees. Particularly handy, if you do not require the gate for a while. Instead of having to open and close the safety gate every time, just let it engage and you can pass through in comfort.
Door safety gate VISTA Auto Close
Auto Close function: the gate also locks automatically just as quickly. Just a little push and the safety gate closes gently and automatically locks again.

Door safety gate VISTA running direction
2-way function: irrespective from where you come, the gate opens into the direction you walk through. Functions such as auto-close and 90-degree-stop work in the running direction so that you do not have to worry how to mount the door safety gate prior to assembly.
Door safety gate VISTA pram
Extra wide doors: We have equipped our larger safety gates with extra large doors. Why should you spoil the advantage of your lovely wide doors by using a standard safety gate that only allows for a passage of 40 – 50 cm? VISTA has a passage of 75 centimeters, not only allowing you to pass through with full shopping bags but a pram does not present a problem either.